Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of dog stuff for the past couple weeks

Continuing with the kind-of-torrent of dog-related commissions from the past couple weeks!

Here is one requested landscape- the owner skijors with her three pups. :D The composition might be a little too similar to an existing painting I've done of my dogs and I, but I felt like that might be the direction she was going for.

I also did quite a few more dog doodles, but I'll just post a couple out of the total. They were mostly Aussie requests. I already lost track of which and where all the dog doodles are and which I've already posted or haven't saved or sldkfjsdlkjf.
I think I might have posted too many already.

I've been eating sugar cookies and chips for dinner lately. And then I blob in my bed and play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire until I die with my 3DS in my hands. This is the life. Maybe I should buy 20 bags of chips and just put them in a circle on my bed while I lie amidst the unhealthy ring of death and take a photo. Because this sounds hilarious to me right now.

I lied, I actually had beans, salsa, cheese, and bread for dinner last night.
Actually, this sounds potentially equally unhealthy. Maybe a little less unhealthy, but still.

 What was I talking about? Oh right, dogs.

I bought my dear Lancer bae a Christmas gift that he will cherish forever- a TURNUP.
From which has all the best, fabulous dog equipment for those who are athletic explorers with their canine compadres.

Yes, this is a photo of the turnup found online, because the thing didn't even arrive at my house yet.

It's green and tough and shaped like a turnip and therefore a pun and therefore I laugh my butt off and bounces in funny ways to entertain the Lancer bae and fits into the chuck-it, so Lancer can use it for the rest of his life without hundreds of depressed broken tennis balls! Maybe they can be best friends and the turnup can sing Lancer to sleep at night. So he can stay asleep. And won't need to pee every 3 hours.

(just kidding, Lancer can pee all he wants.)

Now I'm going to show off how obedient and good the baby Aussie dogs are.

as long as I am watching them.

I'm done showing off. My pretty dogs. The precious babies. The fluffy puppies. The obedient supposed peace-makers-as-they-may-appear-to-be-in-all-my-photos-but-actually-are-not.


  1. Hi Fiona, I found your art on Tumblr by searching for dog art One artist to another I love your work. I was instantly hooked by your drawings of your aussies. We have one (might have border collie in her). She is around 14 years old. We got her in Nov of 2001 at a local shelter and she was still growing. She's Tue nest dog ever. Except when she is deliberately bad. Then she looks at us Louise oh well, you won't stay made forever and she acts like nothings wrong and she is right because before we know it we're fawning over her and giving her toys and treats.

    I mean seriously assumes are like super smart 4 year old kids with no thumbs.

    Anyways, congrats on all your accomplishments working for Disney is huge. I'm going to start looking for your name on stuff. And of course now I need to watch the box trolls.
    Oh, I watched your very with the Griffen I'm going to look for more of your films too. It was sweet and sensitive and had a great moral. Loved it!
    I'm and my websites is remind rebuilt at

    Keep creating! Girl artist power!

    1. Good grief. Sorry for all the typos. Hope you can make sense of this!