Friday, November 21, 2014

3am nonsense AND pet doodle commissions

Sometimes I wonder why I stay up until 3 or 4am when I have to wake up at 7am the next morning to go to work. OR should I say THIS MORNING, BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY MORNING.

I'm either a fool or I just don't need sleep or I am a fool who needs sleep but is not giving my foolish self what it needs. I wonder. I WONDER.

I've been lingering around on this great dog forum called Chazhounds. The people there are generally friendly and pretty great. :D The funny thing is, I would've expected them to be like... over 40? For some reason? But it looks like the average age is still 20~30 LOL. There are a few people who are very informed and knowledgable about dogs, dog training, breeding, sports, behavior, and the like. If you think your next door neighbor is the "dog person", wait until you meet me and the people on this forum.

In case anyone's interested, I have a dog blog which I rant about such things on:

I also post adorable happenings and training sessions with this dog nerd named Fiona and her crazy dogs. Boy, what a nerd.

I'd like to just give myself a general name like "DOG NERD", but I don't like the word "nerd". It reminds me of those gross purple and pink crunchy candies that come in a tiny box and you dump in your mouth. Those are also called nerds. I don't know why they're called nerds. It's not like nerds eat them.

I'm almost 100% sure nobody is even reading this and I'm basically going insane staying up very late and being bored and generally wasting time. If anyone wants to clear my head for a bit, just give me a call and punch my face through the phone.

Finally, here are the said dog doodles of people's dogs who I met on Chaz! The pug was particularly fun to draw, because I've essentially almost never drawn a pug before in my life. Yet, it's really fun and easy to caricature them. LOL

(I'd also like to declare that I did not proofread any of this)

Now someone make me sleep on time. I always die the next day, but I never learn. 

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