Saturday, October 4, 2014

4am nostalgia

4am vent over some old sport that I used to do not TOO long ago and definitely did NOT spend 7 years of my life with.

I wonder what it was, if it's not clear as a pool already. (...cue laughter and drums and stuff)

I wonder why I even spent so much of my life and energy so engaged in this sport? What a freaking drag. Kids, don't get injuries three times in three years like me and don't dedicate yourself too seriously to a sport like me and don't swim under a mentally unstable coach like me, unless you're the kind of human who is totally fine with various kinds of stress and mental torture.

Just kidding, go do whatever you want. I'll just sit here and make my brain pretend my swimming years didn't happen. I still have various snide remarks from fellow swimmers echoing in my head, just like in those cheesy melodramatic movies, but it's true. If you are one of the swimmers who made one of those remarks at me and you're reading this, feel guilty. Feel it. Feel all the guilt.

(...anywho, about a 40 minute drawing)

Also, about the whole wolf randomness of it, I did literally just scrawl the first things that popped into my head while fuming about swimming... and my default drawing does happen to be mystical canines of some kind, so here you go.

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