Friday, September 5, 2014

movies tomorrow

I am just reporting that soon I will spend a planned day watching the teenage ugly ninja shreks movie. The one with the yellow teeth and the slimy masks and the ugly shreks and is directed by Michael Bay, and I swear to you all that I will scream only about how ugly it is even if it's a totally shitty movie in every other way, too. Sweaty fanboys in the theatre will sweat and throw sweaty popcorn at me, but it'll be okay.

I am also going to watch the beautiful apes movie where apes and monkeys and related primates take over the world and get their needed revenge. They apparently ride horses and look cool.

I just re-watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes a couple days ago and cried a few manly tears (they would be more manly if I were actually a man, but you know), and I am prepared to feel even more manly and epic for these manly and epic primates. You know that one scene in the first movie when the main chimp dude named after a Roman general draws his window on the wall in his cell? Yeahhhh. Cries a lot. Cries an ocean. Cries a universe. Cries eternity. Cries space and time and all things within the scope of our existence.

So basically, the whole awesome apes series makes me feel quite teary-eyed. Tear-eyed in a manly way.

Many movies shall be watched soon.

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