Friday, August 1, 2014

ohohoho. wolf film. film of wolf.

I guess my next year's film idea is set. Nobody is going to convince me to change it.

I really want to finally do this concept that I've had in mind for... 8 months?.. and this is my last chance to do it, so I better do it. LAST YEAR AT CALARTS woah

I just really want to animate animals in their natural environment doing natural animal things. And I don't want to make another film that has anything big to do with story. Like at all. LOL. I'm done with attempts at friendship/epic tales. Ugh.

This is going to be a visdev and animation focused film... Kind of like if a nature documentary and a zen music video and animation had a baby. Even though animation isn't my strongest point, I really enjoy animating by hand, so.... I WILL.

It's been a few weeks since I've drawn this thing already- it was before I got the complete beat boards/story down. It's just to explore visuals. YES. It's not a great illustration, because I just barfed it up in an hour or so, but it's the first VISUAL DEVELOPMENT KINDA thing I have made for my next film.

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