Sunday, August 31, 2014


More normal wolf doing normal wolf things.
His name is official Normal Wolf.

(does it look too dark on your monitor? WHY ARE ALL MONITORS DIFFERENT. Monitors need to stop being so difficult and monitor...cist. Monitorist? Sigh.)

This is just kinda trying out different looks and whatnot. Now I'm divided on how I want the film to feel... Maybe I'm actually just doodling forests and wolves and I'm just making the excuse that this is for my film. I may never know. The world may never know. The universe may never know.

So I have a week before school starts again and I am slightly freaking out about not having storyboards done before I start. I REALLY WANTED TO FINISH THIS FILM BY THE END OF FIRST SEMESTER. I hate crunch time crunching. I hate it truly. Much truth in this hate. All the hate.

It's actually because I'm very easily stressed out by time pressure... I need to feel like I have all the time in the world and that's when I work most efficiently. Screams.

Someone please lie to me during second semester like, "OOO FEEFERS LOOK FILM DEADLINE IS ACTUALLY AUGUST 2015! U HAVE 8 MONTHS NOW, O WOWZERS." and I will probably finish by April and be actually alive and well.

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