Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This is actually a couple weeks late, BUT....



I've been doing visual development for their fifth film... which probably won't be released until six years later. Or more than six. Or who knows when,

And everything is a secret, other than "fifth film". I feel like a spy. AN UNDERCOVER SPY. And probably spying on things that will end up changing a lot in six years anyway. So maybe I'm not a very good spy.

I met cool and nice people.. everyone is very talented and glorious.

I'm currently living in Hillsboro right next to Laika with a bunch of other adorable interns doing other intern things like me. Most of them are working on Laika's fourth film, which will be released after Box Trolls...

and IT IS LOOKING SO FREAKING COOL. That is all. Expect cool things, because it is so good. THE PUPPETS, THE VISUALS, THE STORY, THE EVERYTHING. The rest of the interns are in the departments on the floor under me and are working on this film... only Ricky, Paige, and I are not.

I'm basically working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, like everyone else... trying to create environment paintings and environment whatnot all day.

AND KENT MILTON'S SCULPTING AREA WAS RIGHT NEXT TO US. So we walked over to stalk him a few times. He gave us a lot of good advice about the industry, the good and bads. He's very kind and very practical. His last two weeks there were our first two weeks there, so we won't seem him again at Laika after the break. DARNIT.

That's what happened so far. HAPPY THINGS HAPPENED.

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