Tuesday, November 5, 2013

bringing home the beast

(this drawing looks so different on my home computer than it does after I came back to school on the macs D: SAD CRY)

I haven't drawn an environment since this February or March.. :faint: I needed to draw something to practice after so long, before my hands turn into limp noodles GAH

Hum, I've never.. or rarely.. drawn castles in my life (I have such variety... not), so I looked at some castles and trying to get the feeling and the texture of what I want down.. I tend to like swirly and complex decor, so these blank medieval walls/pillars were a pain to draw so many times ahahaaa... `n`But the mood of the whole place in this story needs to feel dark and hostile? so I tried going this way for now.. BAH but I'm still in the figuring things out part
and now I ranted oh no.

why do so many things I draw tend to look so dark... it just happens to be that way for the story! BUT MAN my gallery looks so freaking gloomy with all this.. LOL

for reference for everything, this took 8 hours... I spent so much time figuring out what the heck I should be doing. I went in this having no idea what the end result would look like, which isn't usually the way I draw... and now it's like this. I'm not so sure about the look, staring at the finished thing... BUT it's just literally visual development anyway, so not liking this should be okay at this stage, right?

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