Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Life drawings?

I realized I've never posted my life drawings before, so here I gooooo....

For the past 2 years, we've mostly been cranking out gestures and caricatures/cartoons in life drawings class, so I really lost the skill on how to do actual accurate "traditional" drawings like the old masters... because of lack of practice.

SOOO I'M slowly getting back into it~ My traditional life drawing skills are worse now than I was when I applied to Calarts, because drawing in this way isn't exactly encouraged here... UNTIL NOW!!! In Dave Lebow's life drawing class! He's very nice and actually encourages anatomy and accuracy, which is what I secretly love bahahaha. I can finally draw what I like.

I wonder if I can find some of my life drawing work from my Calarts application portfolio somewhere LOLOL.

^ 15 minute pose

^20 minute pose

^25 minute pose?

^ either 1 or 2 minute gesture drawings

AND A RANDOM PHOTO OF THE SMALL PATCH OF GRASS at Calarts that I always walk by when I'm walking to school.

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