Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm in character design class WITH NATE WRAGG!! YAHOO!

Our assignment for this week is to draw two contrasting characters interacting somehow with each other... so here's a worker bored and tired of life and his job and everything in it. And red small dude is his boss, freaking out because tired worker missed a deadline. I decided that they should be workers in the demon/monster world. uhuhu

And last week's assignment was to draw a vampire in someone else's style. So I picked Ronald Searle HOORAY.

Drawing in Ronald Searle's style is really fun and straightforward and inspiring for me.... Ever since a couple years ago when Nate Wragg first introduced Ronald Searle to me, this guy's drawings have been very influential on my character designs.

.. YEAH I DIDN'T KNOW WHO RONALD SEARLE WAS BEFORE THEN. WHAT HO. I barely knew any famous cartoonists.. (actually, I still don't) In the past, I've mainly been inspired by game concept artists I randomly discover online from browsing deviantart or cghub or just GOOGLE IMAGES.

When those peeps from studios interview me and ask me, "What are you inspired by?"
I'm just like ".....UM.... EVERYTHING??????"
everything I've ever been inspired by literally came from all over the freaking place, I don't even.

Landscape photography, random concept artists I find posting their drawings on concept art websites who may or may not even be professional, random deviantart artists, listening to music (..CLICHE, BUT THIS IS REAL), my own peers, my own teachers, and animal documentaries? So much random what.

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