Saturday, September 14, 2013


.. I seriously need to get into the habit of updating an art blog regularly. O GAD.

We're taking a PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION class this semester, and Bridgette commands that we keep an updated art blog, so I'm scrambling to get back into it. I gotta get into the habit! Does anyone even use blogspot anymore? I guess it doesn't matter- I'M ALREADY HERE.

....And this blogspot is already a top search if you google my full name, so I can't just abandon it. It's too late to turn back, guys.

She also recommended we use a photo of our faces somewhere on our portfolio/blog to show people who are looking to hire what we look like. Gonna do that tomorrow, when I don't look like a sack of pajamas at 1am. (it's 1am right now gaiz)

I have nothing to show from the over this summer of 2013... and the reason is because I've been freelancing for two studios for character design! One was a specific character design freelance for a specific project while the other was a general visdev artist for both characters and environments for various projects. IT WAS PRETTY COOL. I got to explore different themes and ideas that I wouldn't have done on my own, but unfortunately I can't post them up here yet. ~*~*SECRET STUFF~*~*

So now, it looks like I did nothing over the summer, which actually wasn't the case. WOOP WOOP.

SO YOUNGUNS, after a million years, here I am back from the dead and here are some random bits  of stuff from earlier this year. January~March 2013

So I was thinking werewolves who live in treehouses... kinda odd? MAYBE KINDA.

strapping suspicious stud performing some fire magic to lure in the innocent pups. o no.

This is actually a concept for the CG film I wanted to do this year- I'm just going with the little rider character though. The big guy is too much work (and I have no idea how to make his mane-pigtails look believable in CG... AHH) 

I'm actually going to work in my own weird style now. The past couple years, I kept thinking "I GOTTA GET INTO THE CALARTS/ANIMATION STYLE, CUTESY AND FUNNY", but now I finally decided to go back to my roots and do the style that I've been doing before I entered Calarts.

Animation art is incredibly inspiring for me, but I've also been very inspired by fantasy/video game art for pretty much an entire decade of my two-decade life. Woops I just revealed my age. I CANT EVEN BUY DRINKS YET. /falls over

Another environment for my werewolves-living-in-nature idea. I love wolves and I love ANCIENT MAJESTIC nature, and this is just what came out. HOO HAH.

I'm really unhappy with this one... UGH. I rushed it, and 50% through, I didn't like what I was drawing anymore. But here it is anyway, in case someone in the world ....likes it?

Wow, another werewolf living in a treehouse. Why is the order of my drawings so unorganized LOL. 
This guy's an old shaman/chemist/witchcraft kinda dude. This was too rushed too... maybe one day, I'll do redraws of everything I just posted.

TREES. JUST TREES. Trees for the werewolves.

and here's a special thing that I worked on in Maya! I took a Gnomon's "Texturing and Shading" class over the summer with Eric Miller to learn more CG on my own, since I'm going to be doing a CG film this year again... and this time, it won't be a complete failure. Lesson learned, if you want to do something right, do it yourself.

LOOK, SHINY BALLS. The way everything looks is done by me! In a tedious and detailed way! Because Maya is tedious and detailed and there's no way to get around that! YAHOO.... 

I did this the fourth week or something.... I'm still a total noob. Anything shiny and realistic that I can actually do in Maya now is just cool to me. D: Hopefully one day I can learn how to texture fur, skin, and feathers too, and not just hard materials. I WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING REALLY FAST. GIVE ME ALL THE SECRETS AND LESSONS PLEASE. ;;___;; SOMEONE TEACH ME EVERYTHING..... ARGH

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  1. I like the color variations in that background fabric on the last image! You should take a look into 'ambient occlusion'.

    The rider looks like he'll make an AMAZING model-- can't wait to see more stuff from your film this year!