Tuesday, April 17, 2012

caricatures from my one and only GE class

This is what I doodled today in my GE class! HARHARHAR
For some reason, all the other times.. I just drew all these random boring animals or whatever that I usually do when I'm bored.


Do you know WHY caricatures are fun??
Caricatures are so fun and amusing to draw, because they're so mean. LOL
And especially when you're sitting in the back of the class being an invisible cloud of matter LIKE ME, you can scrutinize and make fugly the rest of the class. Poor, unfortunate souls.

They're all from other majors by the way - other majors, namely dance and theatre.

I didn't draw the graphic designers, because they're all korean girls.
And therefore, resemble me. And I can't make fugly people who resemble me, because I'll cry and throw things around.

EHEHEH/the end

(oh yeah, the bottom right old dude is the teacher. NO DANCING FOR HIM)

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