Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dog character designs I did for fun in my sketchbook - and colored them up on photoshop ! =D

They named themselves NO CATTIES ALLOWED PACK. Actually, Houdini did the naming. :< He's the self-proclaimed leader, but the rest don't really care. Houdini has a cultured British accent and a shrieky voice.
Fuzz almost always smiles, and moves in a very slow and graceful manner; he has a slow reaction time to everything and is always polite no matter the circumstance!
Maxamillion follows his nose and has a hard time talking and seeing through his hanging fur.. durhurhur :o
Hyde looks up to Houdini, though Hyde is actually stronger. But he's also narcoleptic and secretly paranoid of everyone.
and Bear is just very naive, young, and large. He prefers Fuzz's easy-going manner over listening to Houdini rant.

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