Friday, August 28, 2015

wow long time. also, snakes.

Uhhh updating with a totally random mixture of thing things and my new pets!

A couple of the dog doodlie commissions!

Remix the Border Collie

And a dachshund!

I felt the need to draw trees and wind one day...

YEahhhhh things.

In other news, I got a few new snake pets in the past few months! They're adorable and docile and calm and sweet. 

My first one was an albino male ball python named Cake. He's super interesting and inquisitive and adorable and just kind of pokes his nose around on my hand, seeing what is safe to climb on and what is not. ;__; You can see his red pupil looking this way and that too. Contrary to popular belief, snake pupils are not fixed. 


This is the cute poop for real. I put him in some reptile-safe succulents for photos LOL. I'm sure he loves me for it... (not really)

My second ball python is a much larger black pastel female named Blackout. I obtained her mainly to eventually breed Albino Black Pastels in the future, which are the most awesome looking gold-white thing. Blackout is about x203984 more fearful and flighty than Cake, even though she is huge. She literally flips into a scared ball if I surprise her by touching the lid of her tub. The same human hand that I see every day, says she! Such scary!

She is purdy though.

Third snake... I went to the Reptile Super Show in LA a few weeks ago. I thought to myself... if I see a snake that I love and is also a good deal, I will bring him/her home. If I do not, that is also fine. I entered the expo and saw all the snakes and realized that if I leave here without a new snake, I will be sad. :| 

So I didn't. Ha.

This is Vigil, the literal sweetest, calmest, most chill Dumeril's Boa. She will grow a little bigger than female ball pythons... The average adult size for females is 6 feet, but 7 feet is not unheard of at all. Then again, 5 feet max is also not unheard of. So I guess I'll just find out how she will turn out in about 4 years and go from there. LOL. That said, I know that she is on the small side for her age, maybe a hatchling who was difficult to get started on eating.

Vigil is all cool and vigilant-looking, but is actually just a calm and lazy blob who is okay with everything.

Vigil kinda just falls asleep in my lap every time I take her out. I sit at my computer and she slowly gets into a comfortable position and sleeps for... forever. Hours, if she wanted to, I'm sure. The longest has been 2 hours, before I felt like maaaybe I should probably put her back before she melds in one with my skin.

And the other day, she curled into a position and fell asleep in my arms. So cute, I almost cried.

I've also concluded that snakes really are the #1 most misunderstood and stereotyped animal in the animal kingdom, when it comes to the extent of contrast between stereotypes vs. reality. I was actually quite shocked by how my coworkers reacted to my snakes. I swear to God, everyone would almost rather believe the Hollywood creations and horror movies than actually be educated about these animals. There are so many myths and tall tales that people today (with so much information and internet at hand) still see as truths, and that kind of freaks me out!

  • No, not all snakes are venomous. Actually very few species are venomous compared to harmless/non-venomous. If you hike and do that outdoorsy thing, educate yourself on the few venomous species native to your area and just look out for those. For example, in California, the only venomous native snake species here are a few types of rattlesnakes... so any other snake, no matter how colorful or "venomous-looking" you see in the wild is harmless. In fact, ALL species of pythons, boas, kingsnakes, and bullsnakes are truly harmless and non-venomous... contrary to Hollywood crap.

  • No, snakes don't just slither around your house looking for their next meal, if they happen to get out. If your ball python or boa escapes their tanks, they will look for the nearest warm and dark hiding spot, because your house is large and scary and snakes are shy. If your dog or cat finds your snake before you do, I would be scared... for your snake.

  • Snakes actually only eat once a week~every other week, depending on their age! And some very picky feeding species, such as ball pythons and Dumeril's boas, actually imprint on a specific type of prey and refuse to eat anything else. If they have been eating mice, they often won't even eat rats. And likewise, if they have been eating rats, most will not even eat mice. So they definitely won't be looking at your gigantic human head that smells and looks nothing like rats or mice and think that it is food. :P In the eyes of a ball python, humans are a giant scary predator, unless they learn to trust you with handling.

  • No, ball pythons and boas are not fast animals, and they don't just SSSSSSTHTHSHSSSS everywhere at 30mph like an imaginary bullet. They are actually very slow and cautious animals who are quite shy at any fast movement, and will immediately look for a place to hide/curl into a ball thinking they are hiding.

  • "What if you get bitten?" Bites from a ball python are unexpectedly small and pointless. They just have a row of tiny needle teeth. Non-venomous species don't have those imagined two giant fangs. I'd much rather get bitten by a ball python than a rat, dog, or cat. Ball pythons and Dumeril's Boas in particular are very docile and shy snakes that are very reluctant to bite in defense. 99% of the time, they resort to hiding/running away.

  • Pythons aren't intelligent, but they aren't dumb as a rock either. They can tell people apart. Blackout would hiss at her previous breeder whenever he opened her tank, because he brought her to an expo a few months back and she apparently got angry at him! But when he shipped her out to me, she never did hiss at me. She was still fearful at first, as she was, but was aware that I'm not the same person who brought her to the expo.

  • Ball pythons and boas learn to trust you, with handling and time. I don't believe that snakes feel mammal emotions like love, but they definitely learn "humans are not going to hurt me". If anything, they learn "humans are comfortable and pleasant heaters".

  • Ball pythons will not want and are not big enough to eat your dog or cat. They won't even see dogs/cats as food, for the above listed reasons. My dog or cat can bite my shy snakes in half in a second. News of the day, even a small rat that was meant for food can kill and eat a shy ball python when unsupervised.

  • Ball pythons and boas are lazy butts. They don't do anything all day except for sleep under their hide and try to be warm. Yes, that is all they do, just like lizards and other "normal" reptiles.

Except that they're cuter than lizards, obviously.

WOW SO MANY BULLET POINTS. And I'm not even done yet, but I will stop here. :I

Anyway, ball pythons and dumeril's boas are cool and precious. Most of the points listed also applies to kingsnakes, corn snakes, rat snakes, and other species of pythons and boas... with variation of course, being as they are all very different species. 

This was an art post turned into post about snake education woopdeedoo. Hope you liked the art and learned things.

I always thought it was amusing when "big, tough guys" would take selfies holding their ball pythons.  The most friendly shy little cute harmless pointless snake on the planet, it is the least badass selfie they can take.

You should google "ball pythons wearing hats".

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of dog stuff for the past couple weeks

Continuing with the kind-of-torrent of dog-related commissions from the past couple weeks!

Here is one requested landscape- the owner skijors with her three pups. :D The composition might be a little too similar to an existing painting I've done of my dogs and I, but I felt like that might be the direction she was going for.

I also did quite a few more dog doodles, but I'll just post a couple out of the total. They were mostly Aussie requests. I already lost track of which and where all the dog doodles are and which I've already posted or haven't saved or sldkfjsdlkjf.
I think I might have posted too many already.

I've been eating sugar cookies and chips for dinner lately. And then I blob in my bed and play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire until I die with my 3DS in my hands. This is the life. Maybe I should buy 20 bags of chips and just put them in a circle on my bed while I lie amidst the unhealthy ring of death and take a photo. Because this sounds hilarious to me right now.

I lied, I actually had beans, salsa, cheese, and bread for dinner last night.
Actually, this sounds potentially equally unhealthy. Maybe a little less unhealthy, but still.

 What was I talking about? Oh right, dogs.

I bought my dear Lancer bae a Christmas gift that he will cherish forever- a TURNUP.
From which has all the best, fabulous dog equipment for those who are athletic explorers with their canine compadres.

Yes, this is a photo of the turnup found online, because the thing didn't even arrive at my house yet.

It's green and tough and shaped like a turnip and therefore a pun and therefore I laugh my butt off and bounces in funny ways to entertain the Lancer bae and fits into the chuck-it, so Lancer can use it for the rest of his life without hundreds of depressed broken tennis balls! Maybe they can be best friends and the turnup can sing Lancer to sleep at night. So he can stay asleep. And won't need to pee every 3 hours.

(just kidding, Lancer can pee all he wants.)

Now I'm going to show off how obedient and good the baby Aussie dogs are.

as long as I am watching them.

I'm done showing off. My pretty dogs. The precious babies. The fluffy puppies. The obedient supposed peace-makers-as-they-may-appear-to-be-in-all-my-photos-but-actually-are-not.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More dogs! MORE.

Just posting a couple more doodle commissions. :D
(there are many more to come... many more.)

Quinn the Aussie and Stark the dobe!
Stark is Iron Man themed, as per request of the owner. Wink wink. Get it though? STARK?

I have discovered that people love having their pets drawn. *-*

Friday, November 21, 2014

3am nonsense AND pet doodle commissions

Sometimes I wonder why I stay up until 3 or 4am when I have to wake up at 7am the next morning to go to work. OR should I say THIS MORNING, BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY MORNING.

I'm either a fool or I just don't need sleep or I am a fool who needs sleep but is not giving my foolish self what it needs. I wonder. I WONDER.

I've been lingering around on this great dog forum called Chazhounds. The people there are generally friendly and pretty great. :D The funny thing is, I would've expected them to be like... over 40? For some reason? But it looks like the average age is still 20~30 LOL. There are a few people who are very informed and knowledgable about dogs, dog training, breeding, sports, behavior, and the like. If you think your next door neighbor is the "dog person", wait until you meet me and the people on this forum.

In case anyone's interested, I have a dog blog which I rant about such things on:

I also post adorable happenings and training sessions with this dog nerd named Fiona and her crazy dogs. Boy, what a nerd.

I'd like to just give myself a general name like "DOG NERD", but I don't like the word "nerd". It reminds me of those gross purple and pink crunchy candies that come in a tiny box and you dump in your mouth. Those are also called nerds. I don't know why they're called nerds. It's not like nerds eat them.

I'm almost 100% sure nobody is even reading this and I'm basically going insane staying up very late and being bored and generally wasting time. If anyone wants to clear my head for a bit, just give me a call and punch my face through the phone.

Finally, here are the said dog doodles of people's dogs who I met on Chaz! The pug was particularly fun to draw, because I've essentially almost never drawn a pug before in my life. Yet, it's really fun and easy to caricature them. LOL

(I'd also like to declare that I did not proofread any of this)

Now someone make me sleep on time. I always die the next day, but I never learn. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


WOW, a pokemon.

Another giant, sparkly pokemon painting with 23498239048 sparkles for the first time in years. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.

Back to my ole pokemon painting days.

(Suicune hooray)

It was refreshing to draw! I guess Suicune is in some kind of water/ice/rock formation.
Not sure who helped with the rock.
a bunch of geodudes flew out of nowhere and built this rock thing and then they left to take the photo. idk
suicune is a model idk


Thursday, October 16, 2014

i finally got a new SKETCHBOOK.

I got a new sketchbook.

It's 5x8 or something, because I like small sketchbooks.

In honor of this precious gift to myself, I doodled the thing that I impulsively really wanted to doodle and is the reason why I suddenly got a sketchbook: creepy animals in clothes.

They're all girls and they're cute okay.


In other news, I volunteered for this local dog rescue (FINALLY). The orientation is next week and I am excited. And I can't stop wondering how the dogs are like... whatever behavioral problems they may have, I shall find out if I can handle them.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

4am nostalgia

4am vent over some old sport that I used to do not TOO long ago and definitely did NOT spend 7 years of my life with.

I wonder what it was, if it's not clear as a pool already. (...cue laughter and drums and stuff)

I wonder why I even spent so much of my life and energy so engaged in this sport? What a freaking drag. Kids, don't get injuries three times in three years like me and don't dedicate yourself too seriously to a sport like me and don't swim under a mentally unstable coach like me, unless you're the kind of human who is totally fine with various kinds of stress and mental torture.

Just kidding, go do whatever you want. I'll just sit here and make my brain pretend my swimming years didn't happen. I still have various snide remarks from fellow swimmers echoing in my head, just like in those cheesy melodramatic movies, but it's true. If you are one of the swimmers who made one of those remarks at me and you're reading this, feel guilty. Feel it. Feel all the guilt.

(...anywho, about a 40 minute drawing)

Also, about the whole wolf randomness of it, I did literally just scrawl the first things that popped into my head while fuming about swimming... and my default drawing does happen to be mystical canines of some kind, so here you go.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

more wolf. more nature. more.

I watched a documentary about wolves in Yellowstone again (which I've watched before years ago) and was suddenly all emotional about wolves and nature and animals again. So I jumped out the window and turned into a red-tailed hawk and flew to Alaska and drew this.

After finishing the painting, I landed on a pine tree, turned into a wolf and ran away into the great mountains.

(just kidding)
Yes, my film is about an Arctic wolf and takes place somewhere in Yukon/Alaska, for anyone who hasn't already noticed! This is just more visual development for whatnot, honing in on the iconic elements in this specific location and the colors, textures, etc. I slapped a giant snowy mountain in the back too just to scream THIS IS IN CANADA/ALASKA.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Today, I'm having horrible draftsmanship and I can't re-draw my wolf character I made last week to look on-model. So I doodled other things.

... such as a few things of an overly-buff, evil-looking doberman. 30 minutes of doodles.

My typical overly-buff doberman drawing. OH NO.
I named him Howie.
.. because I love Backstreet Boys.

I will wait patiently for my wolf draftsmanship to magically return to me.

For now, I guess Howie is going to be the character I'm animating on Eric Goldberg's classs??? Yeahhhhh. My wolf was meant to be too realistic for the point of this assignment anyway... which is reacting in a probably exaggerated, cartoony way to a broken gumball machine. LOL.

Friday, September 5, 2014

movies tomorrow

I am just reporting that soon I will spend a planned day watching the teenage ugly ninja shreks movie. The one with the yellow teeth and the slimy masks and the ugly shreks and is directed by Michael Bay, and I swear to you all that I will scream only about how ugly it is even if it's a totally shitty movie in every other way, too. Sweaty fanboys in the theatre will sweat and throw sweaty popcorn at me, but it'll be okay.

I am also going to watch the beautiful apes movie where apes and monkeys and related primates take over the world and get their needed revenge. They apparently ride horses and look cool.

I just re-watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes a couple days ago and cried a few manly tears (they would be more manly if I were actually a man, but you know), and I am prepared to feel even more manly and epic for these manly and epic primates. You know that one scene in the first movie when the main chimp dude named after a Roman general draws his window on the wall in his cell? Yeahhhh. Cries a lot. Cries an ocean. Cries a universe. Cries eternity. Cries space and time and all things within the scope of our existence.

So basically, the whole awesome apes series makes me feel quite teary-eyed. Tear-eyed in a manly way.

Many movies shall be watched soon.

Monday, September 1, 2014


I really really don't know what this is. I was sitting with Photoshop open, and this thing popped into my head, so I just immediately drew it.

It took like... 40 minutes? LOL.
Oh well, doodle of the day I guess?

Sunday, August 31, 2014


More normal wolf doing normal wolf things.
His name is official Normal Wolf.

(does it look too dark on your monitor? WHY ARE ALL MONITORS DIFFERENT. Monitors need to stop being so difficult and monitor...cist. Monitorist? Sigh.)

This is just kinda trying out different looks and whatnot. Now I'm divided on how I want the film to feel... Maybe I'm actually just doodling forests and wolves and I'm just making the excuse that this is for my film. I may never know. The world may never know. The universe may never know.

So I have a week before school starts again and I am slightly freaking out about not having storyboards done before I start. I REALLY WANTED TO FINISH THIS FILM BY THE END OF FIRST SEMESTER. I hate crunch time crunching. I hate it truly. Much truth in this hate. All the hate.

It's actually because I'm very easily stressed out by time pressure... I need to feel like I have all the time in the world and that's when I work most efficiently. Screams.

Someone please lie to me during second semester like, "OOO FEEFERS LOOK FILM DEADLINE IS ACTUALLY AUGUST 2015! U HAVE 8 MONTHS NOW, O WOWZERS." and I will probably finish by April and be actually alive and well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

ohohoho. wolf film. film of wolf.

I guess my next year's film idea is set. Nobody is going to convince me to change it.

I really want to finally do this concept that I've had in mind for... 8 months?.. and this is my last chance to do it, so I better do it. LAST YEAR AT CALARTS woah

I just really want to animate animals in their natural environment doing natural animal things. And I don't want to make another film that has anything big to do with story. Like at all. LOL. I'm done with attempts at friendship/epic tales. Ugh.

This is going to be a visdev and animation focused film... Kind of like if a nature documentary and a zen music video and animation had a baby. Even though animation isn't my strongest point, I really enjoy animating by hand, so.... I WILL.

It's been a few weeks since I've drawn this thing already- it was before I got the complete beat boards/story down. It's just to explore visuals. YES. It's not a great illustration, because I just barfed it up in an hour or so, but it's the first VISUAL DEVELOPMENT KINDA thing I have made for my next film.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This is actually a couple weeks late, BUT....



I've been doing visual development for their fifth film... which probably won't be released until six years later. Or more than six. Or who knows when,

And everything is a secret, other than "fifth film". I feel like a spy. AN UNDERCOVER SPY. And probably spying on things that will end up changing a lot in six years anyway. So maybe I'm not a very good spy.

I met cool and nice people.. everyone is very talented and glorious.

I'm currently living in Hillsboro right next to Laika with a bunch of other adorable interns doing other intern things like me. Most of them are working on Laika's fourth film, which will be released after Box Trolls...

and IT IS LOOKING SO FREAKING COOL. That is all. Expect cool things, because it is so good. THE PUPPETS, THE VISUALS, THE STORY, THE EVERYTHING. The rest of the interns are in the departments on the floor under me and are working on this film... only Ricky, Paige, and I are not.

I'm basically working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, like everyone else... trying to create environment paintings and environment whatnot all day.

AND KENT MILTON'S SCULPTING AREA WAS RIGHT NEXT TO US. So we walked over to stalk him a few times. He gave us a lot of good advice about the industry, the good and bads. He's very kind and very practical. His last two weeks there were our first two weeks there, so we won't seem him again at Laika after the break. DARNIT.

That's what happened so far. HAPPY THINGS HAPPENED.